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Infant Dental Exams in Norterra

The first few teeth that come in need to be taken care of, and this means establishing good dental hygiene habits. A dentist visit with an infant specialist can prevent problems before they start down the line.

When should my infant have their first dental exam?

Baby’s first dental exam should happen before the age of two months because they are best able to be detected and treated if done early and help to establish good oral health habits for a lifetime.

Baby teeth contain plaque which begins to build up around 6 months old, so it is important to get a regular dental exam as soon as possible.

What can parents expect at their child’s dental exam?

Smile Explorers pediatric dentist is the best option for your child’s first teeth! Our experienced pediatric dentists have many years of experience providing healthy teeth for children that grow into beautiful smiles.In order to build a lifetime of good dental health, during our first visit we will want to go over:

  • Your baby’s medical history, and questions or concerns that you may have
  • How to properly clean your baby’s teeth and keep them healthy and bright
  • Perform a full oral checkup to check for any signs of decay or other problems

When children are teething, they may drool and become fussy and may get a low fever. They might also chew on everything around them while their teeth push through. This is totally normal for infants, but in the event that you are anxious or concerned, we encourage you to give our office a call and allow us to look into any potential problems.

Smile Explorers Infant Dental Exams in Norterra

We offer a friendly, nurturing staff and a relaxing environment at Smile Explorers. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible during your child’s next dental visit. Give us a call today!

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