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Tooth Extractions | Deer Valley

Your child’s dental care in their early years can have a significant impact on the health of their mouth and teeth for their lifetime. As children grow and their mouths and teeth develop, some tooth problems may begin to appear:

  • Growth of a permanent tooth blocked by a primary tooth that hasn’t fallen out

  • Long or misshapen primary tooth roots

  • Severe trauma or decay to a primary tooth

Sometimes the best course of action is to extract the baby tooth to protect the adult tooth and the development of the jaw and mouth. Space maintainers are often used to hold the teeth and jaw in position while waiting for the adult teeth to come in. By filling the gap in certain critical growth areas, your child can avoid having chewing, speech, and dental health issues in the future.

Because most tooth extractions are routine procedures, the Smile Explorers staff knows just what to do to make your child comfortable. We’ll use local anesthesia to completely numb the area to extract the tooth, and in a few days, the mouth should heal and return to normal.

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