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Did you know that baby teeth start forming during the second trimester of pregnancy? After birth, baby teeth continue growing and developing above the gum line. Every mom knows the signs of teething: drooling, chewing on everything, fussiness and even sometimes a little fever can make your child uncomfortable until the teeth break through.

Your baby’s first tooth is a major event. So much of your baby’s early learning depends on their teeth and mouth. This is why Smile Explorers’ pediatric dentists support the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to make your baby’s first dental checkup when their first tooth emerges or by their first birthday. We want to make sure your baby gets off to the right start for the best chance of a lifetime of good dental health. At this visit, we’ll:

  • Review your baby’s medical history and any concerns you have
  • Examine your baby’s mouth for any signs of decay or other problems
  • Show you how to clean their teeth

So much of our lives depends on having healthy, strong teeth. It is important to develop good oral hygiene habits from the start. By having regular infant dental care checkups to address problems early and often, your baby can enjoy strong teeth for chewing and speaking, and the permanent teeth can come in straight and fit properly. Smile Explorers will make your child’s first visit a pleasant experience and help your child start on the road to cavity-free teeth and a healthy mouth.

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