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Special Needs Pediatric Dental Care | Deer Valley

Smile Explorers in Glendale, AZ, wants every child to have the advantage of a healthy mouth and strong teeth. Our pediatric dentists and staff have been specially trained to help children with special needs.

Cavities, gum disease and injury to teeth are some of the more common problems seen in children with special needs. Certain dietary requirements and medications may increase dental health problems. And your child may need ongoing assistance to brush and floss teeth due to lack of motor skills or physical limitations.

At your first Smile Explorers visit, we will:

  • Review and discuss your child’s medical history
  • Determine the most effective preventative dental care and treatment program for your child
  • Demonstrate the best brushing and flossing techniques for your child
  • Make your child’s experience at our office a happy time

Making your child’s dental care a priority every day will help prevent needless dental problems, pains and expenses in the future. Just a few minutes a day can give your child a lifetime of healthy smiles.

For gentle, friendly, child dental care,
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