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Dental Sealants | Deer Valley

Removing trapped food particles out of the back teeth is the hardest part of cleaning your teeth, and this is a common place for decay to begin. Smile Explorers’ pediatric dentists can protect your child’s back molars with cost-effective plastic sealants that cover the surface and protect the tooth from food and bacteria.

As soon as each permanent molar comes through, we will apply the sealant:

  • The tooth is painted with sealant, making sure all grooves are filled
  • Sealants normally last several years
  • As the sealant wears down, we can repaint the tooth
  • If your child is prone to cavities, sealants can continue to reduce the risk of decay

At Smile Explorers, we’ll check the surfaces at every check-up and let you know when the sealant should be reapplied. Our goal is to keep your child’s teeth healthy today to help them have a bright smile for life!

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