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Pediatric Teeth Cleanings in Glendale

In order to maintain the best oral health possible, it’s important for children to receive regular professional cleanings. It’s important to make sure that your children’s teeth are cleaned every day, whether it is a damp cloth, or a toothbrush to prevent a buildup of plaque. You also want to make sure that you have a dental hygienist examine your child’s teeth and gums to find any early signs of decay.

When it’s time for a pediatric teeth cleaning, your child’s dental hygienist will do the following:

Protect the teeth with fluoride

Fluoride can help strengthen your child’s teeth, and protect them from getting cavities. After removing stains from the teeth, and scraping off plaque, your hygienist will apply fluoride to help keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Scrape off plaque and remove stains

Plaque is a sticky substance that is made of bacteria and saliva, and builds up on the teeth and gums. Plaque can eat away at the enamel of your teeth and cause cavities, and once it hardens and becomes tartar your hygienist will need to use dental tools to remove it from your teeth. It’s important to get regular cleanings, as tartar and plaque are catalysts for periodontal disease.

Our hygienists will also remove any stains from your child’s teeth to help keep your child’s smile healthy and bright. Polishing also helps maintain a healthy, happy smile while removing any remaining plaque and stains.

It’s important to set good habits for your children for brushing and taking care of their teeth. At Smile Explorers, we recommend that parents bring their children in for a professional cleaning every six months to ensure that your child’s dental health is never compromised, and that they maintain a happy, healthy smile!

We are happy to serve families in Deer Valley, Glendale, Anthem, Norterra, and the surrounding communities and are proud to offer a comfortable, anxiety free dental experience for your children.

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