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You may be surprised to learn that even baby teeth sometimes need fillings. As your child’s mouth grows, it’s important to keep the primary teeth in position and healthy while waiting for the permanent teeth to erupt. A composite (white) filling may be recommended by a pediatric dentist if your child’s tooth is:

  • Cracked

  • Disfigured

  • Decayed

The teeth and tongue play major roles in learning to speak. Teeth affect the ability to chew properly, which aids in jaw muscle and tongue development. And baby teeth provide space for the adult teeth to come through. Most importantly, filling the tooth protects your child from developing infections and other oral health problems.

A composite filling is tooth colored and can be color matched with the other teeth, especially common in front where they are highly visible. A composite filling is strong and will likely last until the baby tooth falls out naturally. When composite fillings are used in permanent teeth, they generally last many years but eventually need replacing. With regular Smile Explorers visits and good daily oral hygiene, your child’s filling should keep the tooth and mouth healthy for many years.


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