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Pediatric Dental Crowns | Deer Valley

When a child develops a large cavity in a baby (primary) tooth, or they break a tooth, we may decide to put a crown on it to protect it until the adult tooth comes through. This will allow the adult tooth to fit properly and come in straight. There are two types of crowns for primary teeth: stainless steel and tooth-colored composite resin.

When Smile Explorers’ pediatric dentists recommend a crown, we’ll choose the appropriate material depending on the location of the tooth:

Back teeth

The back teeth need extra protection from chewing. Stainless steel crowns are stronger than tooth-colored crowns and normally last until the teeth naturally fall out.

Front teeth

A tooth-colored composite resin crown looks much better on a front tooth than stainless steel. In most situations, the resin is strong enough to protect the front tooth and will last until the tooth falls out.

Healthy adult teeth start with healthy baby teeth. Smile Explorers will help you take care of your child’s primary teeth to promote a happy, healthy smile for life.

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