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Primary teeth play a key role in jaw and mouth development, permanent teeth placement and speech. When a primary tooth becomes diseased or damaged, pediatric dentists agree that whenever possible, saving the tooth is far more preferable to extracting it.

The core of the primary tooth is comprised of nerves, tissue and blood vessels, called pulp tissue. If the pulp tissue becomes inflamed, it can cause a toothache. Left unchecked, the tissue becomes infected and creates an abscess, which requires pulp therapy, often referred to as a children’s root canal, to remove the diseased pulp.

  • A pulpotomy is a procedure to clean out diseased pulp from a tooth that still has a healthy root. After removing the diseased pulp, the tooth is filled with an antibacterial agent to prevent infection from occurring in the healthy pulp

  • A pulpectomy, often called a partial root canal, is necessary when the diseased pulp extends into the root canal. The entire pulp is removed and the roots are cleaned

  • Depending on where the tooth is located, a stainless steel or composite resin crown will protect the saved tooth to maintain its functionality

Smile Explorers knows just what to do to make your child comfortable during the procedure. Saving the tooth will help your child maintain the right bite and alignment for a happy smile.

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