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Pediatric Dental Sedation in Anthem, AZ

We want your child to have a positive experience every time they come to our office. But some children need help relaxing to allow the pediatric dentist to diagnose and treat, and some procedures are especially long, even for the most relaxed child. Anxiety-free dentistry is available at Smile Explorers in Anthem, AZ.

Is Dental Sedation Safe for my Child?

Dental sedation is effective, safe and routine in pediatric dentistry. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends dental sedation for pediatric patients who are anxious or resisting treatment.

The AAPD also says pediatric dental sedation should be performed by a pediatric dentist with the skills to evaluate, monitor, manage and treat pediatric patients.

We strictly follow the AAPD guidelines for administering nitrous oxide. Before beginning, we’ll ask you a few questions:

  • Does your child have a respiratory condition that makes it difficult for them to breathe through their nose?
  • Have they had a recent ear infection?
  • Are they taking any medications? We will need to know all over-the-counter medications and supplements your child takes as well as prescription medications


Dental Sedation at a Pediatric Dentist in Anthem, AZ

If your child needs special attention due to their age or anxiety level, we’ll help you find the right way for them to relax.

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