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Is My Child too Young For a Dental Crown?

Is My Child too Young For a Dental Crown?


Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, it’s essential to take care of them to set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. If your little one has a severely decayed or damaged baby tooth, your trusted team at Smile Explorers may recommend restoring it using a dental crown. The question is, how young is too young for a crown?

Why Restore a Damaged Baby Tooth?

It’s never too early or too young to repair a child’s tooth with a dental crown. That’s because maintaining healthy baby teeth is important for your child’s current and future oral health.

Primary teeth play a critical role in developing speech and help your child bite and chew with ease, ensuring adequate nutrition. These tiny pearly whites act as space holders for the permanent teeth and help guide them into the correct alignment when they are ready to come in.

Losing teeth too early can interfere with the eruption of the permanent teeth developing behind the scenes. Moreover, the remaining teeth may start moving toward the gap, resulting in crooked teeth, a crowded mouth, or problems with your child’s bite, which would likely require orthodontic treatment down the road.

What Are Pediatric Dental Crowns and What Are Their Uses?

A pediatric crown is a restoration that essentially “caps” a damaged tooth, preserving it and protecting it from further damage. Our pediatric dentist may recommend a dental crown to restore a tooth with a large area of decay that a regular dental filling cannot repair, after completing a nerve treatment known as a pulpotomy, or if your little one experiences trauma resulting in tooth fracture. A dental crown will keep your child’s primary tooth intact until the permanent tooth is ready to replace it.

What Are the Types of Dental Crowns?

At Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry, we offer stainless steel and tooth-colored composite resin crowns. Stainless steel crowns are prefabricated and come in a variety of sizes. We can reshape them to fit almost any tooth, so your child won’t require any messy molds or impressions. Stainless steel pediatric crowns are cost-effective and are simple to place. When it comes to repairing front teeth, we typically recommend tooth-colored composite resin crowns because of their natural appearance. 

How Can You Avoid the Need for Dental Crowns?

The best way to avoid the need for a dental crown is to ensure your little one maintains proper oral hygiene. Encourage regular brushing and flossing, and don’t forget to visit Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry for your little one’s twice-a-year dental exams and cleanings. Our team will monitor your child’s oral health and address any problems early on when they’re easiest to treat.

Pediatric Dental Crowns Near Me

Visit Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry in Glendale, AZ, to learn more about restoring tooth damage with a dental crown. Our team is all about providing the highest level of care and service to ensure our young patients enjoy healthy smiles that last. Call us to schedule your appointment today!