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How to Survive “Losing the First Tooth” Milestone with a Healthy Smile

My tooth is loose! Your little one’s first wiggly tooth is a bittersweet milestone. Your child is a big kid now. Time to say goodbye to those tiny baby teeth and welcome the adult ones!

All About Baby Teeth

Babies are born with 20 primary teeth under their gums. These teeth, just like the permanent ones, vary in their shape and size. They all work together for one purpose, to help your child speak clearly, chew comfortably, and smile happily.

The First Visit To a Dentist’s Office

Baby’s teeth begin to come in around six months of age and sprout over the next few years. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends visiting your pediatric dentist within six months of the arrival of the first baby tooth and no later than the first birthday. That will allow us to monitor your child’s oral development and to help lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Time for the Tooth Fairy

Children can begin losing their teeth as early as age four, while some won’t get a visit from the tooth fairy until age seven. On average, most kids begin losing their baby teeth around age six. But how does that happen? As the permanent teeth come in, they gradually dissolve and resorb the roots of the primary teeth, which then fall out with no pain or bleeding.

Starting a Tooth Fairy Tradition

Starting a tooth fairy tradition is a great way to tap into your child’s imagination, help emphasize the importance of healthy teeth, and help make brushing and flossing more exciting. There are so many creative ways you can incorporate a tooth fairy tradition in your little one’s dental care.

Online printable tooth fairy stationery or fancy ones designed by you will create many happy memories. You can also collect tooth containers, tooth fairy treats, mini treasure chests, or tooth-shaped pillows with pockets for lost teeth. Use your imagination and create a tradition that works for you! Don’t forget that to remind your child that the tooth fairy prefers healthy teeth. You could always add a tooth fairy note encouraging your child to brush and floss. Make sure you model proper oral hygiene habits, so your child sees you taking care of your teeth too!

Maintaining Healthy Smiles

Children losing teeth prematurely due to decay can create problems for the permanent teeth developing behind the scenes. An adult tooth may shift out of alignment, causing crooked teeth and crowding. The best way to keep those little chompers healthy is to make sure your child brushes and flosses regularly. Also, remember to schedule dental exams and cleanings twice a year at Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry. We will monitor your child’s oral health and development and will recommend any preventive or restorative treatments needed to ensure long-term healthy smiles.

Quality Pediatric Dentistry in Glendale, AZ

Visit Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about caring for your little one’s primary and permanent teeth. We are firm believers in prevention for lifelong oral health. We look forward to working alongside you to establish healthy dental habits for healthy smiles. Call us and schedule your appointment today!