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Tools for Optimal Oral Health

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All parents want to do their best to care for their children, and today, there are many tools available to you to help your child maintain optimal oral health. From electric toothbrushes to air and water flossers, to tongue scrapers, it’s never been easier to help your child enjoy a bright and healthy smile!

Electric Toothbrushes – Take the Guesswork Out of Brushing

Electric toothbrushes provide a cleaning experience like no other. From optimal brush movement to a built-in timer to ensure correct brushing time, your child’s electric toothbrush will make brushing so much easier and more effective!

Electric toothbrushes come with many benefits. They are easy to use as they provide the cleaning action for your child. They tend to remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and can also easily reach tricky spots like your child’s back teeth. Removing more plaque will lower your child’s risk of developing cavities. Kids also find electric toothbrushes exciting, motivating them to keep up a better oral care routine.

Waterpik – Flossing Has Never Been Easier

Interested in making flossing easier and exciting for your kids? The Waterpik water flosser for kids can help young children and those undergoing orthodontic treatment floss with ease. Water flossers have been shown to remove plaque and bacteria effectively while cleaning and massaging the gum line. Water flossers offer a fast and fun flossing option that leaves your child looking forward to the next session.

Air Flosser – Blast Off Plaque

Air flossers yield results similar to using water flossers, but work utilizing blasts of air rather than water. They have some advantages over water flossers including taking up less space and being less messy with no water leaks. Air flossers are extremely easy to use, with a point-and-click design virtually any child or adult can manage. Once in place, a simple click will set off a blast of air, and just like that, the plaque is gone! All it takes is 30 seconds to floss your child’s entire mouth!

Tongue Scrapers – Scrape Your Way to Improved Oral Health

Many parents do not realize the importance of using tongue scrapers as a part of their children’s oral health care routine. Tongue scraping is a fast and effective way to remove particles that cause bad breath from the surface of the tongue. The reason is that debris, bacteria, and dead cells can build up on your child’s tongue, which can ultimately lead to bad breath and have a negative impact on the overall oral health. Using a tongue scraper also improves the sense of taste and enhances your child’s oral health.

Keep Your Child’s Mouth Healthy

Keeping your child’s mouth squeaky clean will prevent a host of dental problems from developing. Not only will you be protecting your child’s smile, but will also be lowering the risk of costly and involved treatments down the road.

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