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The Best Teeth Games for Kids

The Best Teeth Games for Kids

We at Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry are proponents of prevention rather than treating dental problems after they develop. That’s why we emphasize proper oral hygiene practices right from the start. But how do you get your children interested in caring for their teeth? Here are some of the best teeth games you and your child can enjoy together to set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Choose a Favorite Tooth Brushing Song

Getting your kids in the habit of twice-a-day brushing for at least two minutes each time is key to maintaining healthy smiles. So why not make teeth brushing super fun by choosing a 2-minute upbeat tooth-brushing song? Better yet, join the fun and brush your teeth alongside your little one! The more fun you both have, the more excited your child will be about brushing those tiny chompers!

Start a Tooth Fairy Tradition

Starting a tooth fairy tradition is a fantastic way to tap into your child’s imagination, make brushing and flossing exciting, and emphasize the importance of healthy teeth. Online printable tooth fairy stationery or fancy ones designed by you will create many magical memories; as will tooth containers, tooth fairy treats, etc. Don’t forget to remind your child that the tooth fairy loves healthy teeth. A tooth fairy note encouraging your child to brush and floss can go a long way!

Pretend Dentist

Every kid loves to play pretend, so it’s a great idea to act out dental visits, especially before dental appointments. Whatever you do, make sure not to reveal any anxieties you may have about visiting the dentist. Instead, model a gentle, kind dentist, and ensure the experience is positive and exciting. Take turns being the dentist and patient and fill your time with humor and laughter!

Hands-on Experiments

Did you know that both eggshells and teeth are similarly packed with calcium? Here’s an experiment to demonstrate the impact of fluoride and acids on teeth.

  • Place a hard-boiled egg in soda and another in water for 8 to 13 hours, then rinse and feel the shells. Hint: the soda-soaked egg will feel much softer than the one in water.
  • Repeat with other liquids, such as orange juice, milk, and vinegar. Once again, the shells will be soft. Explain to your child how acids turn teeth soft, just like the eggshells.
  • Here comes the fun part. Add stripes of fluoride toothpaste on a hard-boiled egg and leave it for four days. Now rinse the egg and place it in soda overnight. Surprise! The areas of toothpaste will be noticeably harder than those without!

Toothless Chatter

For older kids, challenge them to talk with their lips in a pursed position and not use their teeth. Do it with them and try to have a serious conversation. You’ll draw quite a few giggles, but they’ll find it impossible to sound coherent. That will drive the importance of maintaining oral care habits to avoid tooth loss.

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