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Oral Sedation and Its Indications

Oral Sedation

We, at Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry, strive to provide our young patients with a positive and stress-free experience every time they step through our doors. We understand that some children need help relaxing to allow us to diagnose conditions and treat them.  Some procedures may be too long for even the most relaxed child. Oral sedation may be your best option to ensure an anxiety-free, pleasant dental experience for your child.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, also known as relaxation dentistry, provides a safe and comfortable treatment option for children with fear of dental procedures. It is a means of managing pain and anxiety through the use of medication. The goal is to ensure patient comfort and alleviate any stress, resulting in a pleasant, relaxed dental visit.

When Is Oral Sedation Indicated?

Oral sedation may be required for children with high anxiety levels, or those with difficulty sitting still for extended periods of time. It is indicated for patients who are very young and cannot follow directions, or those requiring extensive dental treatment. Sedation is also helpful for young patients who have special needs.

Sedation can help increase your child’s cooperation and reduce anxiety and discomfort associated with dental treatment. It is used to make sure your child has a safe and comfortable dental procedure. Oral sedation allows for better coping and prevents injury due to uncontrolled or undesirable movements. Our goal is to ensure your child has a positive experience and does not develop a fear of going to the dentist.

What Should You Expect?

To prepare your child for the upcoming oral sedation, we will give you instructions which likely include withholding food and drinks from midnight the night before sedation and having your child wear loose, comfortable clothes. You will need to schedule time off to monitor and care for your child for a few hours after the procedure.

When you arrive for your child’s appointment, we will administer an anti-anxiety medication that will cause drowsiness within about 20 minutes. The medicine we use for oral sedation is typically given orally in liquid form. Your child will feel sleepy but will remain awake during treatment. Most of the effects of oral sedation usually wear off within about an hour, but your child may feel tired for the day.

Is Oral Sedation Safe?

At Smile Explorers, ensuring your child’s safety is paramount during dental sedation. We closely monitor your child’s blood oxygen level, blood pressure and heart rate. Oral sedation has been shown to be a safe procedure with the right preparation and proper care after it is over. By communicating clearly with your child’s dental team, you’ll provide the best possible experience for your child!

Stress-Free Pediatric Dental Care

Contact us at Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about oral sedation and how it can help your child. We strive to ensure your child develops a positive attitude toward any future dental care. Our experienced and kid-friendly team is all about your child’s safety and comfort. Schedule your appointment today!