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Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Mouth Anatomy Which Leads to Better Oral Health

Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Mouth Anatomy Which Leads to Better Oral Health

A mouth’s anatomy is more than just about teeth. The more your child learns about the role the entire mouth plays in staying healthy, the easier it is to encourage better oral hygiene practices. Following are some fun ways to help your kids understand the value of caring for their oral health.

Parts of the Mouth for Kids

Every time you eat, talk, frown, or smile, you use your mouth and teeth. The teeth play a super important role in keeping your body healthy. They cut, grind, and start breaking down the food your body needs for energy. And of course, they make your smile look great! You must keep your teeth clean and healthy so that they don’t get cavities.

The tongue is another essential part of the mouth. It helps with tasting food and making some sounds needed to form words, as do your lips. Your gums are the pink, soft tissues that cover the jawbone and the teeth sockets. If a person skips brushing and flossing and never goes to the dentist, bacteria can build up and cause gum disease.

The roof of the mouth is called the palate and comes in two parts: The hard palate that separates the mouth from the nose area and the soft palate that keeps food and drinks from going down the airway.

Keeping your mouth healthy is essential because it keeps the rest of the body healthy. The bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay can move from the mouth and spread to other areas of the body, making a person very sick.

Activities to Teach Kids About the Mouth Anatomy

Following are some activities you and your kids can enjoy while learning about better oral health. We encourage you to get creative and to adapt these ideas or come up with your own. What’s important is that you and your children have a wonderful time together, exploring the anatomy of the mouth.

Coloring Sheets: There are numerous free coloring pages available to load online with a focus on caring for the mouth and teeth. Kids love coloring, so what’s better than having them learn about caring for their oral health while doing something they enjoy?

Mouth Portrait: Grab some mirrors, and join your kids in drawing the images of your mouths. Talk about the things you both see: the tongue, the palate, the teeth, etc. Challenge your kids to draw and label all the parts of the mouth.

Build a Teeth Model:  Have your kids build models of their teeth using clay or play-doh. Once again, a mirror will come in handy.

The Brushing Game: Use the model of teeth your child built to practice proper brushing techniques. Better yet, have a brushing contest. Make sure to demonstrate how to brush correctly.

Establish a Brushing Calendar: The American Dental Association (ADA) has brushing calendars you can download at, along with many resources you and your child will enjoy.

Supermarket Scavenger Hunt: Collect supermarket fliers ahead of this activity. Discuss how sugary, sticky, or acidic foods are harmful. Label a large piece of paper with “Healthy Foods” on one side, and “Foods that Can Harm My Mouth” on the other. Work together to cut out pictures of foods and glue them under the appropriate headings.

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