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How Often Does My Child Need to See the Pediatric Dentist?

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Many parents wonder how often they should take their child to see their pediatric dentist. Given the vital role baby teeth play in your child’s oral health and overall development, it’s essential to maintain regular dental checkups at least every six months. We, at Smile Explorers Pediatric Dentistry, are committed to helping our young patients enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime!

Recommended Frequency of Dentist Visits

The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends visiting your child’s pediatric dentist for a checkup every six months to prevent cavities and many other dental problems from developing. This is also an opportunity to catch any problem before it progresses and allows us to provide any needed preventive or restorative treatments. Your child should never go longer than six months without seeing the pediatric dentist.

Your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist should be within six months of the arrival of the first baby teeth, and no later than age one. We will establish a baseline, allowing us to monitor your child’s oral development, and help develop healthy oral habits.

While you should follow the general guidelines for taking your child to the dentist, you need to keep in mind that each child has different dental needs and some children may need extra attention. In some cases, your child’s pediatric dentist may recommend more frequent visits to address any unique dental needs.

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Healthy primary teeth play a significant role in your child’s development. They help your child learn to speak correctly and help with word formation. They also allow for chewing and biting properly, meaning that your child will get the needed nutrition.

Primary teeth work to maintain the space required for adult teeth and will guide them to come in the correct position. They also help with the healthy development of your child’s jaws and muscles. If any baby teeth are lost early due to cavities or injuries, that may harm your child’s long-term overall oral health. Keeping up with your child’s visits to the pediatric dentist’s office will allow us to monitor development and will help us identify any problem and address it before it progresses.

Between Dental Visits

Regardless of how often you take your child to see the dentist, it’s important to care for your child’s oral health between appointments. Make sure your child brushes thoroughly at least twice daily using fluoride toothpaste as directed by the dentist. Encourage your child to choose healthy snacks over sugary treats to help prevent tooth decay.

Good oral hygiene and healthy habits will help prevent dental problems from developing. If you have any questions about your child’s oral care, talk to one of our staff members about suggestions on how to care for your child’s teeth and gums.

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