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Silver Diamine Fluoride

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver Diamine Fluoride(SDF) is a colorless liquid consisting of silver, ammonia and fluoride. Silver in the solution serves to inhibit microbe (bacterial) reproduction.  Fluoride serves to promote remineralization of weakened tooth structure. It also prevents breakdown of the enamel (outer layer of tooth).  With these key ingredients in the Silver Diamine Fluoride, it serves as an important option in treatment of dental decay.

How does SDF work?

It inhibits breakdown of dentin (inner layer of tooth) while increasing it’s hardness.

By reinforcing dentin and inhibiting harmful decay causing bacteria, SDF works to prevent progression of dental decay at a rapid pace.

Why SDF?

Silver Diamine Fluoride is an interim caries-arresting medicament. It allows for delaying treatment of decay until the child is more cooperative.

Side Effects of SDF Use include but not limited to:

  1. The cavity will turn black signaling stopping or slowing of decay progression.  Healthy enamel will not stain but may appear grey if adjacent to stained cavity.
  2. If SDF gets on skin or gums it may leave a brown stain.  Stain on the skin or the gum can’t be washed off but will resolves in 1-3 wks..